Do I have to pay before you start the art?

Yes you have to pay the full amount before the start of the art, this is to avoid any complications.

How long is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is stated next to the price of the item. if the turnaround time is exceeded we apologise but it will be completed as soon as possible.
What is the quality of the video items and photos?

The motion Gfx and any video items are sent in the highest quality possible/supported, same with the pictures.

What is a “sending cut”?

This is the amount PayPal, Cash app and other financial apps subtract when sending/receiving money for their profit hence I receive less than the agreed amount which is why clients must add more on top for me to receive the exact amount.​​​​​​​
How accurate is the turn around time?

The stated turnaround times are estimates, the arts are done as soon as possible. in rare cases there might be delays and in some cases the art might be done quicker than the stated turnaround time.

Are there refunds? If not, what if I’m not satisfied?
There are no refunds once I start the art as you cannot refund my time. If you are not satisfied with the art, we can revise the concept and create a new one till you’re satisfied.
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