"Estetico"  Is a firm that specialises in graphic design, videography, creative direction, photography, cinematography  etc  they are known for their  versatility in styles displayed in their  work. their work often with dark tones and dark vibes has sharp designing elements bringing the art to life. But that doesn't limit them to dark themed art, they often break out of their comfort zone and create all types and forms  of art ranging from abstract, modern collages, music video, advertisements etc. their  understanding of the software, craft and industry allows them to create a variety of work. the Firm was founded in late 2016 where the firm branched out from drama and music production to digital art and has been creating digital art  and expanded into different industries and categories of creative arts ever since then. Improving their  skills by working as a team and taking a depth approach to the craft and adapting to multiple styles.
The firm has worked with a wide range of clients ranging from musicians, clothing brands and cosmetic brands. Throughout the years in the creative arts industry  they have  developed a modern aesthetic style which attracts the eye of the current generation while maintaining high quality and professionalism.
Their unique work ethic and undeniable skills displayed during the process of creating the final product  has lead the firm  to working with clients such as Mane ‘n Tail, Perelli Mack, NFL Stealers player Melvin Ingram III, Youtube sensation Rucka Rucka Ali, R.A.F.V, Austin Martin, Young Dolph, Soulja Boy, Enchanting, YG. They work till the client is satisfied as a satisfied client means great work which represents the firm positively. SO come claim your throne and let us bring your imagination to life!
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